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To post a message to DBWorld, you must register with DBWorld if you have not already done so, and obtain a password. When posting a message, you will be asked for your email address and password. All messages should be directly related to database research. Please do not post person-specific information such as resume. If you do so, you will be permanently banned from posting to DBWorld. The following categories indicate virtually all appropriate message types; please do NOT use the News category as a generic "catch all". In particular, changes of address, surveys, "looking for jobs/people/papers/etc." msgs, and requests for information should NOT be posted to DBWorld.

Also, please do NOT post multiple versions of the same announcement (e.g., in different formats) simultaneously. And speaking of formats, plain ascii is the best for most people to receive by mail.

Your message will be moderated, and will typically appear on the list within 24 hours.

Finally, since the volume of traffic is already too high, we limit each user to a total of 2 messages in any 24-hour period and 3 messages in any 7-day period. If you violate these limits, you may lose posting privileges. Also, please do not circumvent this rule by creating different email accounts then using them to post multiple messages in a short amount of time. If you do so, you will be permanently banned from posting to DBWorld. Please co-operate to keep the traffic under control. Thank you.

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